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Who is the author behind the innovative GameTales? Meet Nikola Raykov!

Game Tale

Game Tale





Game Tale


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Game Tale


(this review is a translation from Bulgarian)
(original review can be found here)


The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin is unquestionably the most unusual book you will hold in your hands. I believe that the story of Gremmy, a little gremlin, who goes on a quest for food for the winter into a magical forest, will enchant not only three-to-eight-year-olds, at whom the book is targeted, but also their older sisters and brothers who sometimes get tired of the magic-deprived, cynical world of Adult People and wish for another one, with a few more genuine experiences and a lot less fake interests.

The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin both is and is not a fairy tale: it is a GameTale, which means that Gremmy can enjoy more than a dozen different adventures, depending on where he decides to go and what he says or does. The young audience will learn new lessons any time they return to Gremmy’s world.

The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin comes in a deluxe format, reminding me of Tony Wolf’s books, with plenty of beautiful illustrations and an amazing design.

The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin impressed me with the author’s experiment to make the book free for anyone who wants to read it. I’ve always thought that the only reason for a writer to fear sharing his works is if he doesn’t trust his worth enough; and also that people are more willing to spend money on original products when they have the opportunity to check firsthand that they will not regret their choice. I’m positive that Gremmy’s case will prove this notion and stimulate more similar experiments in the future.

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