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Who is the author behind the innovative GameTales? Meet Nikola Raykov!

Game Tale

Game Tale





Game Tale


"And each path he takes, leading to twenty different endings, is a co...



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Grigor Gatchev, an author, blogger and a translator

It is fantastic, creative and amazingly suitable for children. I forgot I was supposed to r...



Game Tale

Dimitar Stefanov, an author

(this review is a translation from Bulgarian)
(original review can be found here)

In this unique children’s book, game and tale hold each other’s paws as they go on a big adventure!

If you’ve ever read gamebooks and you have children or have kept your inner child alive, or better even, you have children and have kept your child alive, then The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin is just the right book for you. The cover says “GameTale,” and Gremmy smilingly invites us to play together. The adventure starts from the hole in the ground where Gremmy lives, but where it will take us depends entirely on the decisions we make at the end of each chapter.

I enjoyed the artistic design: this is a de luxe edition with full-color illustrations on every page. The hard cover guarantees that the book will last through a hundred readings. Which is a good thing, since you can have nearly a hundred different adventures with it. Each of them comes with its own message and unobtrusive moral. The great part is that children will have fun with all these adventures, while parents (or grandparents) may find something for themselves, too.

If you’re the type who’d rather take a look into something before you buy it, no worries. The book is available as a completely free PDF file. I hope that you’ll spend plenty of delightful moments with Gremmy, and that children will learn early on that the decisions they take can really make a difference.

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