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Game Tale


Game Tale



Who is the author behind the innovative GameTales? Meet Nikola Raykov!




Game Tale

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Game Tale
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Plamena Ivanova

This book is amazing! This is the best, we can offer children! I congratulate the author on his professionalism and his style of writing!

This book is not shining, but it is a treasure not only for the small ones but also for grown-ups! It feeds our imagination, gives us information about what we are, what we can be and what will happen after our every move. There is a lesson, there is truth, it has everything that you look for as long as you have the eyes to see it! Thank you for this treasure!

I am a third year student majoring in Preschool Education. For me it is a great feeling to see everything I’ve learned emerging from those pages. I am honored to find myself in these pages and pleased to see the truth of everything around us delivered in a way that will probably offend no one, but it will make everyone think about it…


Quick personal impression about the book. My little girl is a fan now and she is constantly chasing me to read it to her… so I have a new problem now :). She even invents new branches of the story and she is buzzing about a sequel – she wants more books about the little gremlin…

Milena Anastasova

Radi is constantly walking around with the book and playing it. She even built the Big mountain, the Deep river and "Steamship". I read and she decides where will the adventure go and plays it out - great fun! I sincerely hope that you will continue writing such magical children books!


We got the book on Friday and in no time we played 4 tales! Moreover we even played in the park - it was a big adventure for us to choose a path :-). And on every path there was a snaily-snail or a branch-obstacle, or grass that whispered magical words :-) Many, many, many thanks, the book is more than wonderful! We are eagerly waiting the next one :-)))).

Lu R

 Amazing book, enjoyable not only for little ones, but also for grown-ups, while together they start a magical-fairy-adventure-game!
The beautiful illustrations fit perfectly the beautiful words written in the book, but for me the most impressive part is that the entire book is filled with goodness!
I wish worldwide success of the book and the author and I hope it will be able to reach many children because the personal choice presented as a game in the book is an unobtrusive way to prepare our children for the time, when they become older and their life will be determined by their actions!

Sivad Imar

"I am sincerely anxious for the next book of GameTale, excellent work! I will admit, I am long past my childhood. (~30 yrs) But, one thing that has come with me through the years is my love of collecting Interactive-Fiction books like "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Lone Wolf".

At first when i heard about this book, I only wanted it "just to add it to my collection of Interactive-Fiction". I was not prepared for what I found inside. Simply profound.

Thank you for releasing this charming work for free! May the the next GameTale be just as good as this one, you are a superb writer!

And... Thank you. For reawakening the kid in me."


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Game Tale

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Game Tale

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